They were born happily to provide us with help every time we shop. We appreciate this care but shortly we throw them away when they start suffering and us too!

The features of all {Kees Chic} products are that they are handmade by local women of disadvantaged backgrounds, utilising traditional crochet stitches & embroidery technique, but with a twist: the thread used is plastic, made from disposed of shopping and garbage bags that fly around our city and contribute to its persistent solid waste dilemma.


Bringing to the market a range of hip, trendy and ‘must-have’ lifestyle products for the globally oriented and environmentally aware city dweller. These items, such as bean bag chairs, beach bags, scuba dive bags, sturdy yoga mats, and stress balls, are produced and sold in the coastal city of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, with an eye to satisfying the cravings of the modern, educated, and active urban population. The selling point: filling a market void for certain niche products, while simultaneously easing the social conscience of our customers and involving them in an energetic and impactful campaign of social and environmental change.


Huwaida, Mona, Noor Al Ain, Um Faisal, Ghalia, Sharifa, Roqaia, Laila, Hafsa, Ameera, Hanan, Najat.